Custom Luxury Home Builder

Managing custom home builders, scheduling, and budgeting is a large undertaking. Only preparation and foresight will ensure that a custom home build lives up to its potential. The following are some of our tips to ensure that you are fully prepared to build your custom home and address any circumstance that may present itself in the building process.




Planning and budgeting is the first and foremost step. Always estimate your budget higher to make up for any on site issues that may arise. We recommend allowing yourself a minimum of 1-3% contingency for any upgrades or changes you may want to make during the building process. Stay in constant contact with your custom home builder, and work to share vision and budgeting with them. If you communicate well and everyone is on the same page, there will be fewer snags in construction and expenditure; making for an ultimately better and more efficiently built custom home.



Obviously, having the plot of land will make building your home somewhat easier. But, few people realize that a thorough knowledge of their location can uncover tax incentives and builder programs that may open up their custom home building options. Especially in growing areas such as the Houston, TX Metroplex, building luxury homes can cost almost the same as purchasing an already built home due to lower taxes and lucrative incentive programs, compared to states with higher taxes and restrictions on newly built properties.



Enlist an organized custom home builder to ensure the smoothest job possible. Particularly, make sure that the custom home builder is open to suggestions, works flexibly, and will keep communication open to ensure easy exchange of ideas. When selecting the home builder remember to check references, review design proposals, and always have everything itemized and recorded for clerical purposes. Before you sign anything, be sure to ask for an itemized contract that provides ample details about the specifics and prices of items and appliances going in to your newly built home.


Green Initiatives

Not just for luxury home builders anymore, green building initiatives have become a standard in the construction industry. Whether it is energy saving insulation, building material that minimize VOCs, or even ENERGY STAR rated products and appliances; green home products and techniques are oftentimes not just environmentally safer, but financially cheaper in the long and short term when compared with “traditional” methods. An organized custom home builder will know what products and incentives are available to improve your bottom line.



Take a deep breath, and relax. As long as you plan well and keep communication with your custom home builder, this entire process of organized custom home building should go off without any cataclysmic events. Sure, there may be a hitch or two. But that is to be expected in a project of this scope. Prepare, research, and stay diligent and you’ll be living in your custom built dream home in no time.


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